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Hey musers,

We had a request for a basic summary of the Stud Pump system that could be easily passed out to people who were new to the system or thinking of joining. Similar to what we did with Milk Made. Reading through the manual is the best way to get all the information this should be a good place to start to get a feel for the system. Please be sure to take a look at our standards as well as the manual.

Q and A:

What is Stud Pump?

  • Stup Pump is a set of pumps that in conjunction with a HUD provides a visual Semen pumping effect.

  • Stud Pump is a competitive game that provides personal goals and achievement as well as group based competition.

  • Stud pump is an RP tool for those who wish to have semen consumption and collection play.

*Stud Pump does not require buying the “Prime Core” at this time. You will be registered as a prime account upon purchase of the Stud Pump System.

It is all of these things at once and while you can’t “turn off” any of those functions you do not have to actively participate in any part of it if you don’t wish to.

So its a game?

With Stud Pump there are a few stats that you earn through playing with the system that are tracked and factor into different competitive ranks:

  • TVP or Total Volume Pumped tracks the amount of semen a user has pumped since starting in the system.

  • Spermatogenesis or just Genesis is the total amount of semen removed from the body.

  • Dispensing is the different ways other than pumping you can remove semen from your body.

  • Consumption are the different ways you can consume the semen other than drinking

  • Life time Semen intake is the total amount of Semen you have drank since starting to use the system.

  • Semen storage is based on the total amount of semen currently in storage tanks that you own.

Each of these stats has levels that you can rank up one and badges you can earn from progressing up them. You can also earn badges for other aspects of game play that come from hitting different achievements rather than leveling up.

Do I Have to drink it?

No! While many users or their friends may choose to drink or consume semen in some way you are not required to. Those familiar with Milk Made will no doubt know that in Milk Made everyone needs to maintain calcium through drinking to stay healthy but rather than require drinking semen we choose to instead have a weekly depletion from the storage tanks. Every tank loses 1mL of semen every week. There is also a weekly limit to the total amount you can produce rather than the extra calcium tax applied to heavy producers in Milk Made. You can increase this limit with some bonus items as well as by drinking milk produced in Milk Made if you would like to.

Can you play without having the Stud Pump?

Yes! You can be a master with a master HUD this lets you own servants in the Stud Pump and Milk Made systems, monitor their calcium and production, have control over their pumping as well as some RLV features. Or you can just be a drinker and consumer of the semen.

If I want to be a master or drinker do I need to be in a family? and what is a :mused: family?

No you can be just a master of a servant (or more) without needing to be in a family as well, and you can be a drinker without being part of any particular family or under a master (but you can if you want to). A family is a way to pool resources. Storage tanks can be shared with a family as well as an SL group, many families and masters provide bonus items (Things like powdered horn to help speed up production. Bonus items are not needed to enjoy the system but can aid in reaching personal achievements faster) for their families. Joining a family can be a way to get into the game with others to help you out.

WARNING! Take a master or join a family with great care. You can only be released by the master or family owner or by purchasing an appropriate elixir.

I think this covers the basics if anyone sees something I missed please let me know so I can add it! Thanks so much and happy pumping!

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