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Hey Musers,

We had a request for a basic summery of the Milk Made System that could be easily passed out to people who were new to the system or thinking of joining. While I HIGHLY recommend reading through the manual as this will only be a summery and not provide instruction this should be a good place to start to get a feel for the system. Please be sure to take a look at our standards as well as the manual.

Q and A:

What is Milk Made?

  • Milk Made is an RP tool for those who wish to have lactation play.
  • Milk Made is a competitive game that provides personal goals and achievement as well as group based competition.

*Note: To interact with server linked products and activities using your Milk Made pumps you must be registered as a Prime Core user. (Note: Prior 1.32 Milk Made users are automatically registered as  Prime Core users)

Milk Made is for those that are wanting a casual experience without commitments as well as those that are eager to achieve goals and compete.

What is the point of Milk Made and can I get rich selling milk?

Milk Made was created in 2012 simply to simulate lactation and breast pumping for those attracted to the experience. Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to participate within the system. You choose your own adventure. Every aspect of the system has evolved based on suggestions from our community.

We work to bring as many suggestions to life that we can. While not all things are feasible we try to provide features customers ask for. One of those features requested was the ability to sell milk as users of the community grew and began opening milk farms and milk bars. This feature was not implemented as a method of multi-level marketing or with a get rich quick intention selling milk.

We love to see others succeed, however it is not our job to tailor our products around making each individual user rich. We do not control the prices of milk, you as a user of the system do. Regardless of supply and demand (even if we could provide a million ways to use milk) the prices will be as low as you set them and stay that way. When you low-ball a price it forces other users to lower their prices and so on. The value is subjective.

Not everyone involved in the Milk Made community has the desire to sell milk and make money from it. Please keep that in mind and be respectful as many users are simply fulfilling personal desires. We thank the community for your support and truly appreciate it. Our focus and goal is to continue bringing products that are fun, interesting and hopefully make your second life a little more exciting!

Competition? What competition?

With Milk Made there are a few stats that are tracked and factor into different ranks for Prime Core users:

  • MOT or milked over time tracks the amount of milk a breast user has pumped or expressed since starting in the system. MOT levels are unlocked at certain amounts milked providing a small boost to the user’s lactation rate (tracked in lph or litres per hour)
  • Milk storage is based on the total amount of milk in storage tanks that you own.
  • Life time milk intake is the total amount of milk you have drank since starting to use the system.
  • Persistence is a total of all the milk consumed in the last 30 days.

Some of these stats are used to determine another competitive rank currently called generation. Those in the top 5 generations have a bonus added to the milk they own so if someone not in the top 5 generations drinks their milk it will provide extra calcium and milk drank credit.

There is also a family rank that uses the above stats as well. You do not need to be in a family to use the milkmade system but many people do because it makes cooperative play easier to accomplish.

You mentioned Calcium but I did not see that in the stats list.

Right, so users of the Milk Made System whether they are a Milk Master, a Drinker or a Milk Producer (registered as a prime core user) have a calcium level. The current maximum level of calcium a user can have is 10 mg. Every day each user’s body consumes 0.5 mg of their calcium. This loss is calculated on our servers at night. Drinking 1 litre of milk will give you 1 mg of calcium. If you make a lot of milk (over 10L a day) then there is an added calcium loss because you are using so much of it. If you don’t drink and your calcium levels hit 0 mg then you will become sick with hypocalcemia and you can’t play until that is fixed by drinking 10L of milk or taking vitamin D.

*Note: Calcium upkeep is not required for “Standard” pump users. Unless you have purchased a “Prime Core” upgrade to participate in server linked milk production you do not have to maintain calcium. Calcium upkeep is required by Milk Made Drinkers and Milk Made Prime Core registered users.

Can you participate without having the Milk Made Pumps?

Yes! You can be a Milk Master with a Master HUD this lets you own servants in the Milk Made System, monitor their calcium and milk production, have control over their milk pumping and appearance options on the breast as well as some RLV features. Or you can just be a drinker with the 1l$ Milk Monitor HUD this helps you keep track of your calcium, as well as storage stats and various other things.

If I want to be a “Master” or “Drinker” do I need to be in a family? and what is a “milk family”?

No, you can just be the Master of a milk servant (or multiple) without needing to be in a family. You can also be a drinker without being part of any particular family or under a Master (but you can if you want to). A family is a way to pool resources. Storage tanks can be shared with a family as well as an SL group, many families and masters provide bonus items (Things like hormones to help speed up milk production. Bonus items are not needed to enjoy the system but can aid in reaching personal achievements faster) for their families. Joining a family can be a way to get in to the game with others to help you out.

WARNING! Take a milk master or join a family with great care. You can only be released from them by the master or family owner or but purchasing an appropriate elixir.

I think this covers the basics if anyone sees something I missed please let me know so I can add it! Thanks so much and happy milking!

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