User to User transactions

Our team diligently monitors logs to ensure every liter in our system is accounted for. We do this to preserve the integrity of the game for everyone. Last week an irregularity was found. As a result we removed assests from multiple users of the system. We would like to remind you to be cautious when making your purchases from individuals. In order to clarify our position we are creating a new policy regarding support of transactions.

:mused: assumes no responsibility for milk transactions made between users without our software handling both the milk and money. We currently offer two solutions for transferring milk and money. The first is the siphon and the second is the pay-to-drink function within the containers.

Q: How can you be sure not to buy illegal milk? A: Use a siphon.

Please do not ask our staff for any further details. :mused: staff will not discuss specifics of the internal security investigations.

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