Tank Update Instructions 2012

Mused Milk Made Storage Tank Updater.

With the release of Milk Made version 1.10 you will need to update your tanks as well as your breasts. Older versions are not compatible with the newer and will not work unless both breasts and tanks are updated.

Including: Milk Made – Glass Bottle 5L Milk Made Storage Tank 10L Milk Made Storage Tank 20L Milk Made Storage Tank 50L Milk Made Storage Tank 100L

  • First you will need to select which tank you wish to update and rez it, if you have more than one it is best that you only have one rezed at a time to avoid confusion. Once you have done so rez the tank updater. It will scan the area and provide a list of updated tanks.
  • If you have more than one of the same type rezed it will see all and present a list with multiples of the same name thus it is recommended to only have one out at a time. If you do get more than one of the same type on the listing take the updater back in to your inventory as well as the extras of the tanks so that only one is out and rez the updater again.
  • Select which one you wish to update from the list. Then take that tank into your inventory and move it into the inventory of the updater by holding Ctrl + dragging it onto the updater. It should if done correctly result in a red outline around the updater. When you have that glow release the mouse and it will drop in to the updater. If for some reason the tank rezes instead then take it back into your inventory and try again.
  • Once the updater has the tank you selected it will confirm that everything is correct and send you a new updated tank. *The volume of milk stored in your old tanks will be present in the updated tank.* You will need to rez the updated tank and click the updater which will check that all is correct to finish the process.
  • Do this for all the tanks and bottles you own so that they will be compatible with the updated system. If they are not updated within 24 hours they will temporarily spoil until it is updated. This is done to encourage a quick and uniform update.

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