:mused: Standards

As :mused: grows and we add new products and features and gain new members to our community we need to adjust and change to provide the best possible service and experience we can. Below are the rules and guidelines that we expect those who participate in our system to hold to, not adhering to these standards can result in some form of hold or banning at the discretion of our staff.

1) Users must be an adult
:mused: makes products for adults. Our region is an adult region, and many of the products we make and sell are or have sexual/fetish components. This means we expect the user behind the keyboard to be an adult and to act like one. Underage users are not permitted.

2) We take cheating and fraud very seriously
Any attempts to cheat our company or other users via fraudulent claims or items will be investigated and dealt with.

 3) No automation

  • A- Our games are meant to be an interactive experience. Any form of participation with our systems that does not meet this is considered cheating.
  • B- Users are expected to be at their computer for the majority of the time they are playing. And is expected to be able to pass some form of verification if they are selected for it. (The official stance against automation was published Oct 15, 2012 verification system was implemented on Nov 27, 2012 and is subject to change without notice as needed to maintain the integrity of the system. Documentation in our manual)
  • C- Allowances and adjustments can be made for those with disabilities (Please put in a support ticket with details as to how your disability impacts your ability to complete the verification requests.)

4) Alts.

  • A- Alternate avatars otherwise know as alts are allowed in the :mused: system if actively played by a human, see section 2.
  • B- Use of automated software, automation in third party viewers, and or third party scripts to manage these accounts constitutes a violation of section 2.
  • C- Use of alternate accounts for the sole purpose boosting, milk production, stats and/or ranking can result in the avatar being removed from the system.
  • D- Simultaneous use of numerous accounts can constitute a violation of section 3,  section 4.A, and/or 4.B

5) Group Chats

  • A- We expect our users to be polite to one another and to our staff. We expect that the rules of each group chat will be respected and will be politely corrected (by a chat moderator) if they are not followed. Disruptive users will be spoken to, and addressed as need by chat moderators. Guideline for polite use of the groups has been published here (Group Etiquette Socail and Commerce )
  • B- :mused: Creamery:
  1. For connecting with and conversing with other players.
  2. Finding families, servants, or masters.
  3. Questions to the community are welcome, but support issues will be handled through our ticket system. Not through group chat.
  4. No selling anything.
  5. No spam of any kind.
  6. No monopolizing the group chat to champion one point of view.
  7. Suggestions or ideas, though free to be discussed are best in a suggestion ticket.
  8. Violations are at the discretion of moderators & :mused: staff. Do not Harass other users.
  9. Group is not for support issues.
  • C- :mused: Commerce:
  1. For selling and buying :mused: milk, semen, families, servants, and related items.
  2. In Search of adds (look to find a master, family, servant etc.)
  3. Conversations and negotiations must be held elsewhere.
  4. Max: 1 Post per hour, 5 carriage returns per post, 255 characters per post.
  5. Violations: 1st warning, 2nd 7 day ban, 3rd group ban.
  6. Violations are at the discretion of :mused: staff. Do not Harass other users.
  7. Group is not for support issues.

6) Families and Masters:

  • A- There are two ways to leave a master or family.
    •  The owner of the family or the master can release their servant.
    •  The servant can purchase and use the appropriate elixir.
  • B- :mused: does not remove a user from their master or family in any other way. The cost of leaving a family or master without the direct action of the owner or master is set at such a level that it will not be done lightly.
  • C- If there is an error with either removal options a support ticket can be used to correct this problem.
  • D-We advise you to be familiar with the family and master, their policies, practices and what benefits you will provide them and what the will provide you before joining any family.
  • E- Masters have a servant limit of 32 people.

 7) Treatment of Other Players:

  • A- :mused: prides itself on a welcoming and understanding community, as such we expect our players to be welcoming, open, polite and considerate of each other.
  • B- No harassing other players. In anyway. Our users are expected to respect each other. You are welcome to talk to one another, make offers, or requests, however if the other person declines please leave it at that.
  • C- All are welcome so long as they hold to LLs TOS, No kink shaming, avatar policing, or in some other way attempting to be “gatekeepers” for who is or is not allowed in the system, groups, or on mused region.