Standard vs Prime Core

Standard vs Prime Core – Whats the scoop?

Standard: When you purchase Milk Made pumps they are for “roleplay” or standard use by default. They have the basic features that allow you the roleplay experience without needing to maintain calcium or engage with the server side tracking of the system.

Prime Core: Once you have unlocked server side features by purchasing the Prime Core for Milk Made you will then have access to more options on the :mused: System HUD such as transferring your milk produced to a storage tank, sharing and selling it to others as well as consuming and transferring pharmacy items. The Prime Core unlocks the ability to gain levels and interact with server linked products within the Milk Made System such as interactions. (Use of pharmacy related items once you have upgraded to a Prime Core user are not required to participate in the system. Everything is optional!)

As a Prime Core user you have many options. You can choose to continue as a casual milker and not compete at all in any categories. If you are into competition you can choose what you would like to challenge yourself in: storage, drinking, pumping, building your family or all of them. Chose your own adventure!

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