New Milk Made bonuses from semen consumption

We have been working on adding ways to bridge the two systems for more interplay but without making them required. With this in mind we added a couple of ways for stud pump users to help milkmade users with their engorgement penalty as well as having milk drinking help extend the stud pump users weekly limit. We have been wanted to expand the uses of semen for milkmade and we are now adding a few more bonus.

Previously you could:

  • Stop leak out by receiving a topical dispensing.
  • Prevent Slow lactation by drinking semen from a storage tank. (see details here)

We have added:

  • Cumpacity bonus: 0.5L Capacity bonus for 1 hour
  • Spunky Production Bonus: 20% production bonus for 20 min
  • Calcium: 0.1mg for 1mL semen

These three new ones are are all a random option to be awarded from oral, vaginal, or anal dispensing. You could receive semen in any of those ways and receive any of those bonuses. And they will stack with other bonuses you might have going!

We chose to make it random because we did not like the idea of locking people down to receiving one particular way if they were not comfortable with it. It also adds an element of chance to the dispensing which is fun. It will not give unusable bonuses; for milk drinkers (not breast users) it will always give calcium if you are not a milk drinker and not a breast user at all it will not give any bonuses at all simply add to your consumption stats as usual.

Also, please stand-by for an announcement about our stats system.

Enjoy and happy pumping!

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