New Dharma Calculations

We are ready to start the process of the change over from Generations to Dharma. We are going to be changing the way that stats affect these numbers and bringing in our Stud Pump users. First things first: The Gen bonus to milk drank will remain in place. We can just can call it a ‘Dharma bonus’ now. Here are some of the things we are looking to fix with these changes:

  • As a drinker you don’t lose value to your master by wearing a Stud Pump or picking up the breasts and basically “starting over”.
  • Taking a master gives your stats to the master. Having no master allows you to retain the points for yourself. This will discourage double dipping here so to speak.
  • Stud pump stats and semen storage were not considered at all and that made stud pump users unable to compete.
  • We are changing the name because we did not feel the name did a good job of actually representing what the stat was.

So to begin you can go to your “My Cream” page on and you will see tabs under your name. On the :mused: tab you will see different boxes with information. One of these boxes labeled “Dharma Points” has your personal points. Point categories include:

Your Dharma is based off your highest category plus your combined storage categories if you are not a master and don’t have a master.

  • No master, no servants: Your highest category + combined Stud Pump and milkmade storage = Total Points

You must stay healthy to keep the milk related stats, hypo users do not qualify for milk stats but can receive Stud Pump stats when hypo.  This means that if you are new to milkmade but have been drinking for a while you will still get the higher drinking points. If you were using milkmade but decided to switch to using Stud Pump exclusively;  your existing milkmade stat would apply until your stud pump stat catch up and surpass it.

Conversely, Stud Pump users are expected to stay active in the system as well. You can’t go “hypo” in Stud Pump therefore we did not want those stats to just sit as a permanent benefit to a master even if they servant was no longer active. When a Stud Pump user does not wear their HUD and produce anything for 30 days they will be considered inactive and not count toward the stats. To become active again they just need to use the HUD and start playing again. Going inactive on Stud Pump will only remove the Stud Pump stats.

  • If you are a master you will also get points from your servants. You will see these totaled at the bottom of the page with a stat break down for each servant.
  • If you have a master then you will give your own points to your master rather than having them count toward your Dharma. (This does not impact a servant’s ranking on other charts such as MOT or consumption)
  • If you have a master and are a master then you get points from your servants but not your own. Your servants points do not apply to your master, they apply to you.

The points given to the master are the same as the ones that would have applied to a user’s personal Dharma; their highest category plus their storage. This allows servants to maintain their own storage tanks for drinking or sales without taking away from their master’s stats. (As before if a user is a drinker or milkmade user only, then if they go hypo they will no longer add to their master’s Dharma but if a they are a stud pump user then being hypo then the top Stud Pump stat will still apply to the master stats) Your total of all these points, from your servants and from your stats (unless you have a master) will determine your tier.

  • If you are a master: Your highest category + your combined Stud Pump and milkmade storage + total of Servants’ points = Total points
  • If you have a master: Servants points = Total points

The more points you have the lower your tier number, 1 being the top tier. As implied by the word “tier” Dharma maintains generation’s competitive grading system.

  • 1 user in tier 1
  • 2 users in tier 2
  • 4 users in tier 3
  • 8 users in tier 4
  • 16 users in tier 5
  • 32 users in tier 6
  • etc.

As it is competitive that means that there is not a certain number of points needed to gain a tier you just need more than the people currently in that tier. The top 5 tiers will get a bonus to drinks taken from their tanks as it has been. (And as before if you have a bonus to your tanks you do not benefit from it, all drinks count as the base amount) However, it will apply to Stud Pump tanks as well as milkmade tanks. You can see the test page we have up what these changes will look like based on everyone’s current numbers. Stats Test Page  This change will go live in a few days so you can check things out and get a feel for how it will all work out.

last updated: Jan 17, 2016

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