:mused: Stud Pump to release Nov. 1st 2014

:mused: Stud Pump will be released November 1st.

We are proud to bring you the second :mused: milking system. The Stud Pump is a separate but compatible system to milkmade. Users of one system can and will receive a benefit from using the other or you can receive benefits from others who use the other system but neither is required to play the other.

The Stud Pump as its name implies is a semen creation system that like milkmade has stat competitions, personal goals, storage, family and master options, and can be used as an RP tool and a toy.

The system will cost $L2,500. The standard package will include the Stud Pump HUD (required to make semen) and access to over 25 mesh pump attachment models. It does NOT include bits but will be compatible with many existing options. Currently supported brands include: Aeros, Psicorp, EXL, Rut, Xcite!, VSX, Realistics, and Er Ares. You can see a full list of currently supported brands and models as well as vote for which we will add next at this link http://www.musedcreamery.com/stud-pump-attachments/

In world Demos will soon be available.

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