Hiding Stats in :mused:

It is possible for a users stats to be hidden. This removes a user from competition and makes them not appear on the stat charts, no longer count toward a Master’s points, and removes any Dharma (previously know as Generation) rank that they may have had. We understand there are a number of reasons why a user might wish to have their stats hidden; and we are more than happy to respect the privacy of our users and hide their stats at their request.

If your stats are hidden your Milk Monitor HUD, Master HUD, breasts, and tanks will continue to function. You will still be able to view your stats on the website, though others will not. Those who have hidden stats can not participate in drinking contests and other competitive :mused: events. The stats hidden will be user based not game based and will effect all :mused: systems the users owns.

However once your stats are hidden they can not unhidden. :mused: is a game based on stats and while people may opt out and hide their stats we will not permit users to flip back and forth.

All users with stats that are hidden on or after Oct 24, 2014 will have theirs stats permanently hidden.

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