Milk Drinking Contest

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 :mused: will begin a weekly drinking contest. Each week we will count how much milk each user drinks. Sunday night at 9pm (SLT) the user who has drank the most milk will win a monetary prize.

The top ten weekly drinkers will be displayed at locations on the mused region. Anyone can participate drinkers as well as producers and masters.

The prize will change weekly and could include :mused: products, custom items, and cold hard linden dollars.

Depending on the success of the first few contest we may increase or decrease the value of the prizes, and the number of winners.

We reserve the right to modify the rules of the contest at any time to maintain fairness.

The contest begins…. NOW!

Good luck!

:mused: milkmade v1.30 update

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:mused: milkmade breast v 1.3

New Features:

  • Changed the way skin appliers work allowing two different textures to be used.
  • Update Menu button only shows when rezed on the ground to prevent confusion.
  • Added pump menu to /5 pump command.
  • Particle menu now “locked” by default
  • Added Tangos shirt applier support
  • Added Xcite! compatibility

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing textures on milk made pump harness logo working now
  • API – engorged state is now reporting correctly
  • Spelling errors corrected
  • /5 lacon now works correctly
  • Particle effect for “squeeze on” now works consistently
  • Nipple menu now consistently triggers another dialog
  • Dialog menus optimized.

To update your breasts rez a copy of the breast update USB and it will give you a script (it will go into your scripts folder) and the float text on the USB will say “find script given to you [mm_drop_in_breasts_to_start_update] Rez Milk Made breasts and drop the script in them to start the update”. Keep the USB rezed and rez a copy of your breasts and edit them. Put the script the USB gave you into the breasts contents via the edit window. Once it is in the breasts it will start the update process and will delete itself once done. The updated breasts will have version 1.30 in the description. You can rename them so that they are easier to find in your inventory but as some customers rename their breasts for different avatars or outfits we did not want to change the name of the breasts automatically. The USB will then say “find script given to you [mm_drop_in_breasts_to_start_update] Rez Milk Made breasts and drop the script in them to start the update” again. And you can update another copy of your breasts just as the first one if you chose to.

*note* This update will take your milkmade version 1.2 and update them to version 1.3

If you do not have milkmade version 1.20 the update USB will not work correctly but you can use the version 1.30 breasts that are in the box sent with the update. If for some reason the update is not sent to you when you attach a pair of older breasts you can request the update to be sent to you via the update terminal found in world under the breast vender or you can put in a ticket and one of our staff will take care of it as soon as they are able.

  • Category: “redelivery”
  • Title: “Request milkmade v1.30 full package”
  • Description: “I have a version of milkmade prior to 1.30 and need to have the update delivered.”


With this update there are now 3 old versions of milkmaid, this creates a lot of issues as people are encountering bugs that have been fixed or are looking for features that were implemented on a newer set of breasts, we can not continue to support them. We are giving a 4 week grace period for everyone to be able to update to the current version and then the old versions will be shut down. They can still be updated to current after that point but they will no longer create milk. Please update as soon as possible.

:mused: pump tank mod pack

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A new mod kit for developing pump tanks is now available! This kit contains all of the parts and pieces of the basic pump tank as well as the pump tank script so that you can use them to make your own pump tank for personal use or sale. As with other similar kits there are limitations on its use which you can read in detail in the notecard in the kit. But in summery don’t sell or give in full or in part these textures or objects full perm, or copy trans.

pump tank mod kit adv

You can find the kit in our in world store Here for sale with the cash cow vender for 20L of milk.

Milkmade Ranks

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So some of the questions I have been seeing with the announcement of the changes to the way milkmade gen is calculated made me think that maybe the creators’ thought process on what the stats mean and how the ranks should work should be spelled out. Now its not our intention to tell anyone how they should use the system or play the game. Its still totally up to you what you want to do with it and how you want to enjoy it but this is a little of what we are thinking. This of course is all subject to change as we see how these work out in practice, just like we changed the way servants calculated for generation points, or added persistence as a stat.

MoT (milk over time)

This is a producer stat and the main area for producers to complete. It was also the first stat to have any bonus associated with it. Rising in this stat gives you access to new appearance features and increases your lactation rate.

Lifetime Milk Intake and Persistence

This is a drinker stat and one way for drinkers to compete. Originally we only had Lifetime Milk Intake but then found that did not really accurately reflect current active players so we added Persistence as well. At current there is no bonus associated with these stats.

Storage or Milk Assets

The amount of milk stored is a more general stat that anyone can compete in if they want to, however it does come at a time and linden cost and has the risk of being spoiled if the owner of the tanks does not continue to be active in the game.


We knew there was a desire for the system to have a master servant component, but we wanted this to be incorporated into the game not just an after thought to accommodate peoples rp styles. It is certainly not needed but if people did want to play with this relationship we wanted there to be away for it to be part of the game. So we made Generation as a way to rank masters. This number considers storage, an investment and a risk, servants, and the players own activeness in the game, persistence. We recognized that those that did well with this would probably be working with a large number of servants and we understand the work that goes in the managing a successful group. So we added generation bonuses. This bonus does two things, it makes the top gen’s milk a little more desirable and gives an incentive to sell milk which impacts the storage stats giving more room for competition.

Again anyone can play with the game how they choose to we are not saying anyone needs to focus on a stat or any stat but this is just the thinking that has gone into the way we manage the stats and any bonus we may add in the future related to them.

Group Etiquette Socail and Commerce

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We have a few public groups for :mused: and we are generally very pleased with the way our community is helpful, open, and polite. However we felt we would be remiss if we did not lay out some general guidelines for the sort of things that we would like to see or not see in these groups.

:mused: creamery: and Cocksmiths

These groups are meant to be a social ones. It is a place to hang out, ask questions, get to know other players, find families or masters and generally connect with other users of the system and our staff. While we have no problem with people sharing that there family is looking for more member or that they are seeking a master or other similar posts in this chat it should not be spammy. Probably no more than once a day, and we recommend if you can hitting different times of the day when you do post as people often are only able to play during the same time frames regularly and so by posting in the morning one day and the afternoon the next you are more likely to have a wider group of people see your message. This is not a support group while many of your questions can be answered by other group members, if you need help from a support staff member, or have questions related to the ticket system we request that you put in a ticket via our support system, if for some reason this does not work for you please IM a staff member directly though they may not always be available which is why we have the support system in place. Our staff members are listed on our Help page on this site as well as on the wall of our support office.

:mused: Milk Commerce and Semen Commerce:

These groups are meant for trading and selling things related to the :mused: milkmade system and the :mused: Stud Pump system. Mostly milk, semen, and tanks, but if you were looking to sell a servant or a family this would be the place to do it. We do not have a problem with you advertising milkmade related products but please do keep in mind this is not your shop group and to keep such posts to a minimum. If you are advertising your milk, semen, tanks, or similar game related items please do not post more than once per hour as we wish to keep the group informative but not spammy. Negotiations of sales should be done in IMs and discussions of value, sales techniques and other conversation type things should be done in the creamery chat so that those trying to advertise do not get drowned out. If you are in search of a master or family, or wish to find more servants or expand your family you can also post adds regarding that but this is not the place for conversation those should be done in IM or in the social groups.

And as Will Wheaton says, “Don’t be a dick.

Drinking to clear Hypocalcemia

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As I mentioned in the post about the change to generation stat calculation, we were planing to allow drinking milk to cure hypo. Well now you can! You will need to drink at least 10L of milk in one shot. If you try to drink less it wont let you. For that 10L of milk you will get your hypocalcemia cleared and 2.5mg of calcium just as if you took the vitamin D supplement. If you drink more than 10L in that first drink you will have that extra added to your calcium normally. So if you drank 15L you would have 7.5mg calcium. Do note that while you will still get the extra calcium from top 5 gen milk, you need to drink 10L total from the tank, the bonus drink credit will not apply to clear hypo and  the drink bonus given to drinkers from the spring forage does not work with this as you need to be unhypo to use it.

Happy Chugging!

Change to Stats

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The time for change is upon us. We have decided to change the way the generation points are calculated. We realized that being a drinker does not really benefit a master so what we have decided to do is to calculate drinker servants differently than producer servants. At current simply having a non hypo servant adds a base set of points. What we want to do is make it so that a servants value increases with their game play. If you have the breasts you are a producer, if you do not have the breasts and only have the Milk Monitor HUD or Master HUD then you are a drinker. The new stat calculation will look like this:

Generation points = total litres stored + (personal persistence x3) + producer servants MoT + (drinker servants life time intake x2)

We will be rolling out this change tomorrow but you can preview the changes here: Stat Change Preview

And speaking of drinking, in the near future, we will also be adding the ability to remove Hypocalcemia by drinking a set amount of milk or by using the vitamin D supplement.

Adjustment HUD

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One of the items that :mused: has made at the request of our community is the :mused: Applier Adjustment HUD. Its intent is to make editing appliers much simpler and can be used by clothing creators to easily position their textures to make appliers but more on that later.  While this will work with breasts other than :mused: milkmade it is a huge benefit for milkmade appliers because of how many layers there are to adjust and try to grab to edit etc. this makes that a snap because it does all of it at once from one HUD.

adjustment hud perms

While made by :mused: this HUD supports a number of different appliers and is compatible with eCorp, Lolas, iboobs, eboobs, and foxbean as well as standard :mused: appliers.

To use it wear your breasts and the HUD rez or wear the applier, it will apply to both the breasts and the HUD. From there you can tweak it from the HUD.

You can change everything that is available to change via the edit window, repeat, offset, rotation. You can alter the magnitude of the change with the strength button. You can tint with the color selection panel or via RGB numbers put in to chat. To do that click the microphone and type /1  in chat followed  by the RGB values separated by commas.

It also has the ability to save five of your favorite appliers so you can switch between them from the HUD rather than needing to reapply and reedit them.

The last part is my favorite, the Show settings in chat History button will out put the texture positioning and coloring data so that can be put into an applier script so that if you are making an applier you can easily get just the right tweaking on the texture so that your applier works right out of the box and will leave those who use your applier with very little tweaking to do.

You can buy one for 1L$ in the mused shop here.

Cask Tanks now Avalable for Exchange

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Want a new look for your storage tanks? A new cask option is available through an exchange vender.

blog post cask rezzer

The land impact on the new cask themes range from 2 LI (10 liter cask) – 5 LI (1000 liter cask) depending on the size of the storage cask.

In order to get the cask tank you must have a standard tank of the same size with at least the correct amount of milk in it. The amounts needed to exchange the standard tank for the cask tank are:

5L of milk for 10L tank

8L of milk for 20L tank

10L of milk for 50L tank

20L of milk for 100L tank

50L of milk for 250L tank

100L of milk for 500L tank

200L of milk for 1000L tank

Don’t worry if the tank has more only the needed amount of milk will be taken and you will get the rest back in your new tank. You can come and preview the new tanks on :mused: next to the standard tank display behind the shop

Rez the tank you want to exchange there and touch the sign behind the preview rezzers to start the exchange process.

:mused: Group – No longer open enrollment

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:mused: Groups – No longer open enrollment

If you missed this group notice that was sent out, here is explanation of why you were ejected from the :mused: group:

We have made the decision to reserve this group for users currently renting a merchant or milk stall unit on the :mused: sim. Visit our subscription group terminal and join to keep posted on the latest news and release information. (This “subscription” group does not use one of your SL Group slots.)

All members will now be ejected from this group excluding users who are registered through our rental payment devices. (Contact a member of staff to add additional occupants of your rental back to group.)

You can also join the :mused: Creamery group to connect and socialize with other users of the “Milk Made” system, new friends and family.
Please join the  :mused: “Milk Commerce” group if you are looking to sell/trade your milk with other users of “Milk Made”

(If you are a merchant and were ejected an invite should follow, if not please contact a member of staff)

These invitation terminals can be found by use of the teleport link directly to the terminal.