:MUSED: Life Documentation (products used with all systems)

  • :mused: Life Manual – You will find information here about products used for both systems such as the Family Tome, Master HUD, Elixirs and other stats and badges collections. 
  • :mused: System HUD manual – Currently supports Milk Made 2.0 and some Master HUD functions. More features from both of our systems will be merged into this HUD in future updates.

Stud Pump Documentation

Milk Made Documentation

  • Milk Made 2.0 User Manual  – This system is a simplified mesh design with standard features for rp, account upgrades available to access Prime Core features. Available in rigged and unrigged mesh for various bodies.
  • Milk Made 2.0 Applier Developer Kit – Information detailing the applier creation dev kit for 2.0 mesh pumps.
  • Milk Made 1.32 User Manual -This system is the original design created with sculpted prims in 2012.

Seed Spreader Documentation

Tank Updates:

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Your questions are best answered by submitting a ticket. Someone will be with you as soon as possible regarding your submission. If a Support Staff member is in the support office, then they are available to answer questions so please feel free to instant message them with any questions you might have. (roles are listed below)

  • Madeea Nakamura – Creator
  • Sarah Showboat – Creator
  • Shiinto Ceawlin – Developer
  • Zindonas Loxingly – Support Administrator
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Store Policy


We love to get suggestions from our customers and users as to ways to improve our products, store, and other items they would like to see added. So much so we have added a way for people to put suggestions in that we can see, manage, work from and allow other users to vote on. It is done through the support ticket system you can find instructions for it above. Suggestions given in any other way: IM, group chats, notecards etc. will not be considered.

We sell products for adults, we expect our users to act like adults. Problems should be handled with the ticket system. Throwing a temper tantrum, complaining, or in any other way behaving like a child will get you shown to the door not the VIP lounge.

We do not support transferring products to your alternate avatars for free.


• Products are no transfer unless otherwise stated • Delivery failure – In the event of a server error or lag, copy/mod/no transfer items not delivered to the purchaser will be re-delivered upon request through ticket submission. Details from purchaser’s transaction history must be included in your “Redelivery Request Ticket” .

(purple button :

How to submit a ticket: 1.Choose “Support” from breasts or “Submit a Ticket” from the Support Center support wall. 2. Choose “New Ticket” 3: Pick a category 4:Enter a title for your ticket 5: Enter a brief description of your issue. 6: “Add Event” to your ticket to provide more information.

• Purchase inquiries older than 30 days can not be supported due to limitations in transaction history logs. • No copy, transferable items lost to asset server mishap, failed deliveries or any other means can NOT be replaced or refunded. Please submit a ticket to LL.

• Duplicate purchases (on non transferable items) will gladly be refunded. If you purchased the WRONG item or buy a gift for the WRONG person, this is a mistake we can not compensate for. We do not provide store credit as an option.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION* Please provide  full transaction information including transaction ID, date, and time in your ticket submission so that a member of staff can more efficiently assist you. Your ticket can not be resolved until you have done so and will be closed after 48 hours if proper submission has not been provided to complete this process.


Check the latest product versions [here]


Anyone who copies :mused: products will be dealt with as follows : • with an abuse report that will lead to the immediate close of the blamed person’s account • with a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) report set for this case to launch juridical proceedings from which a trial for the violation deemed necessary could occur. Any person who owns a non official copy of an item or a part of an item will be subjected to legal proceedings leading to sanctions from Linden Lab. If you see any of :mused: creations that do not state Madeea Nakamura/Tormented Littlebird as creator please send this information immediately to Madeea Nakamura (notecard please with snapshot and landmark to item in question) so proper action can take place.


Not currently accepting custom work.


We are unable to support end user or third party modifications. While we do our best to help our users enjoy our products to there fullest we are not able to recreate every change made to our products. We are not able to trouble shoot problems that arise when a product’s script or build has been modified. Similarly we do not have the resources to help users make modification to our products beyond what is supported via appearance HUDs and settings menus.