Do you have like a manual or something?

  • Yes we have 3 manuals at current depending on what product you are asking about milkmade, and Stud Pump and then a forth called :mused: life for items that bridge both milkmade and Stud Pump such as the master HUD and family tome. You can find all of them linked on our Help page http://www.musedcreamery.com/help/ all of which are Google docs and so can be translated with a web translation tool, searchable with the f3 command, and are indexed to allow you to jump to the section you are looking for. We also have two summaries of the systems that help you get a feel for what they are. Milkmade here and Stud Pump here.

How can I put in a support ticket?

  • How to submit a ticket:
    1. Choose “Support” from the menu of your milkmade, stud pump, or :mused: HUD or “Submit a Ticket” from the Support Center support wall.
    2. Choose “New Ticket”
    3. Pick a category
    4. Enter a title for your ticket (like an email subject)
    5. Enter a brief description of your issue. (like the body of your ticket. SL limits us to 255 char.)
    6. “Add Event” to your ticket to provide more information.

I have an issue with a :mused: product and how it works on the viewer I am using, what should I do?

  • There are a huge amount of options when it comes to logging into and using Second life and each comes with its own code changes and quirks. As such there maybe issues that arise from trying to use :mused: products on one or more viewers and we do not have the resources to troubleshoot and support every viewer on the grid. As such we will only support the use and play of the system on the following viewers.

    • Linden Labs – Second Life Viewer current release
    • The Phoenix Firestorm Project, INC – Firestorm Viewer current release

    If you use another viewer and experience problems with play you will be asked to use one of the supported viewers to verify it is an issue with the system and not your viewer. Please take that into consideration.

    *note: The use of a custom client designed to automate the process of milking will not be allowed.

    • Any avatar found using automation to milk is subject to removal from the system.
    • Any milk owned by an avatar utilizing automation to milk to gain advantage in our system will be forfeited and lost.

    Please see :mused: Standards for more information about our automation policy

I rezed a no copy item but it never rezed in world and now its gone! Help!

  • SL will fail to rez for a number of reasons. Often when this happens the item is sent back to your inventory but the viewer believes that the item is rezed and so does not show it in your inventory. Usually a relog will resolve this issue. If after a relog the item is still gone please put in a support ticket, however transfer consumable items can not be replaced often. We will do what we can to help you but if it is something that happens too frequently we can not keep replacing them. Some tips to help prevent it from happening:
  1. Do not rez no copy items during maintenance.
  2. Do not rez over parcel boundaries.
  3. Do not rez on or near large mesh or sculpted object, SL seems to get confused about their dimensions and will give the error that you can not rez on the land. Which is a rather unhelpful message as it has nothing to do with the problem.
  4. Do rez on region ground or a basic prim and then move the item as need be.

I have an idea or suggestion for the system that I want to see implemented who should I tell/notecard?

  • Don’t, rather put in a suggestion ticket. While we are not able to meet every customer request we do our best to make the most users happy as we can in a fair and balanced way. If you have a suggestion please put in a suggestion ticket this lets us know what people want to see. You can also vote on suggestions you would like to see implemented on the suggestions page so we have a good idea what more people would like to see.


I got a message from :mused: (musedskynet.resident) about a verification? What is this and why?
  • As part of an effort to curb automated use of the mused systems we implemented, on Nov 27, 2012, a way to verify that each avatar has a person who is currently using them and actively playing with the system. This check is just to see if you are there. If you failed the check you can clear it by drinking milk as noted in the message received. And if you are unable to complete the verification request do to some disability we would appreciate it if you put in a support ticket explaining the issue so we can work on a way to accommodate your needs.


What if I forgot my password on the mused website, what do I do?

  • You can go to the support building on the MUSED region there is a support terminal just inside the main doors on the wall as you come in. You can click the option to register for the website and if you are already registered it will give you the option to get a new password.


I would like to hide my stats is that possible?

  • Yes we can hide any user’s stats if they put in a ticket requesting this to be done. Hidden stats do not effect the function of the :mused: systems but it does mean that you will no longer count toward any stat ranking of any kind and all Dharma ranking will be lost. Once a users stats are hidden they will not be unhidden. This is a permanent settings change.

I would like to move my stats and assets to an alt or new account, can I?

  • We can not move assets or stats from one account to the other. We are not linden labs and have no way to know if the ownership of individual accounts are the same person. We recommend making sure your accounts are secure as best you can and taking up any issues with your current account with Linden Labs.


My tanks are spoiled how can I fix this?

  • Spoiled milk tanks are a side effect of Hypocalcemia. You can either dump the spoiled milk from the menu to clean the tank or you can get a spoiled solvent from the store. See the manual linked here for more information.  http://www.musedcreamery.com/help/ 

I am looking to buy a tank from another user is that ok?

  • Yes, BUT use caution. :mused: is not responsible for other users attempting to cheat you by selling non-authentic tanks. Steps to take to help verify that the tank in question is a real tank.
  • 1) Ask them to rez the tank on script enable land.
  • 2) Have them turn the float text on and move milk or semen into the tank to show it works.
  • 3) Ask them to provide a link to their stats and check that a tank with the correct key is on their stats (Key is found in object description)
  • 4) Check that Tormented Littlebird is the creator of the tank (duplicated tanks will show her as creator but copy botted ones won’t, neither will work)
  • 5) Ask to be added to the tank access list so you can see the menu and verify it works.
  • 6) Have the Tank set for sale via buy object. (Do not accept tanks via IM trade)

Can I trade in smaller tanks for a larger one and how does that work?

  • This offer officially ended on August 31, 2012 but will be revisited if we add tanks larger than 1000L in the future. A member of our staff will exchange and transfer any milk left in them to a new tank. The new tank requested must equal the total size of the tanks being turned in. eg 10x 100L tanks. for 1x 1,000L tank. This will be an even exchange tanks for tanks. If you are interested please file a support ticket with what size tank you would like and what size tanks you are trading in. One of our staff will contact you as soon as possible. We do not do exchanges with the $$ linden difference on the upgrade. Not all staff members are not able to provide service for this and I simply do not have time to accommodate this alone myself for the hundreds of users we have. Thank you for understanding. – Madeea Nakamura/Sarah Showboat.

The Pump Tank is not updating with the version 1.21 tank updater why?

  • The pump tank is not a storage tank but part of the main breast system. You will have received an updated one in the version 1.32 breast pack.


About Consumables:

I have old consumable items that aren’t working can I get them replaced?

  • No, I am afraid we do not offer life time updated on no copy, yes trans items that are not reflected on your stats. We strongly recommend using your one time uses items shortly after purchasing them. 

I can’t afford outcast or escape elixirs can I get them for free?

  • The system was designed to prevent users from easily changing family or master. Allowing users to freely change masters would defeat the purpose of the master. It would also place shared assets at risk. For those not wanting to spend lindens on items, we have provided the milk exchange. You can trade 50L of milk for an outcast or escape elixir.

I used the grass and a hormone but they did not stack, why?

  • While the grass and hormone both give a lactation bonus they are different things and do not stack. They will run simultaneously but the higher (hormone) bonus will override. If the time for that completes before the lower bonus does that one will kick in and continue for the remainder of its duration.

Milkmade Breasts:

Why are my breasts not making any milk?

The Character next to Lactation in the breast menu appears as a box I may or may not have noticed this with other text in Secondlife. How can I fix this?

  • You must have Arial Unicode MS Regular (ARIALUNI.TTF) installed for Unicode to display correctly in Second Life (any viewer). This is part of Microsoft Office.

 All of the included built in clothing options textures are black. Is there a white option available for tinting?

Do :mused: MilkMade breasts support 3rd party clothing appliers?

  • Yes version 1.10 and up do support clothing appliers. You will need to set the “shirt” layer of the breasts to show either by the clothing menu under the breast/pump tank menu or from your appearance HUD. Mused Milkmade supports appliers for :mused: as well as eCorp, Lolas, iboobs, eboobs, and foxbean.

Do :mused: MilkMade breasts support 3rd party skin appliers?

  • Yes but only those made to work with :mused: Milkmade in particular. Other skins will not work on milkmade because the textures were designed to apply to different sculpts or a mesh and the texture will wrap differently or be shaded incorrectly and just over all will not work.

How do I apply cow spots to my breasts like Full Breasts?

  • Cow Spots were added as new feature in version 1.10 of the Milk Made breasts. They are unlocked at MOT lvl 4 and can be set visible either by the extras menu under the breast/pump tank menu or from your appearance HUD. You can add darker opacity spots with appliers in the breast box.

Stud Pump: 

What is Stud Pump?

  • A male milking game that works with but not require milkmade. It also does not come with any bits but rather works with a wide variety of existing brands.

Is there an update to Stud Pump?

  • Not yet and with any luck there never will be. We worked hard to make sure the system could be updated entirely on the back end so any changes that need to be made can be done without you needing to do anything different. If we do find a need to change the In world code we will of course do so but that has not happened yet.

Does Stud Pump use Masters and Families?

  • Yes both of those are open to all our users and not limited to one system. The manual for things that work with all our systems can be found under :mused: Life linked http://www.musedcreamery.com/help/

My Production has stopped? Why am I not making any more semen? 

  • Stud Pump has a weekly limit to the amount you can produce. It is likely you have hit this limit. Check out the Stud Pump manual for the full details about how this limit works and what you can do to increase it if you want to. :mused: Stud Pump Manual Weekly Production Limit If everything looks good and you are still not making anything put in a support ticket.

Both Systems: 

Can you be in a Family without a Master?

  • Short answer Yes. Masters and families are different but comparable ways to help people play cooperatively. So you can be an family without a master, or have a master without being in a family or be in a family owned by one person and under a different Master. To learn more about both those systems and the Master HUD and Family Tome see the :mused: life manual linked here http://www.musedcreamery.com/help/ 

What is Dharma? And what is its bonus?

  • Dharma is our way of highlighting the users with the best overall combined stats. Each user of the system is given Dharma Rank. The top five Dharma produce better quality, more potent milk or semen. This means that less of it will need to be consumed to gain the benefits of drinking it from the tank. To learn more about Dharma ranks and the bonus see the :mused: life manual linked here http://www.musedcreamery.com/help/ 

Can I use both Stud Pump and Milkmade? What happens if I do?

  • Absolutely! Neither is dependent on the other and people part of one does not significantly impact the other. But they do provide some bonuses to each other covered in much more detail in our manuals linked here http://www.musedcreamery.com/help/ . Drinking from a Stud Pump tank will help prevent the engorgement penalty for milkmade and drink milk will help to increase Stud Pumps weekly limit. you can get this benefits without owning both systems though, just drink!

I have gotten messages saying I am Hypocalcemic what is that and what can I do about it

  • Hypocalcemia is a condition that results from having too little calcium. To keep this from happening you can drink a milk, to clear it you can drink milk, or find the one time use amnesty vendor in the Main store, or buy and use a Vitamin D supplement. more information on these items can be found in our milkmade manual linked here http://www.musedcreamery.com/help/