Cask Tank Exchange open

The cask tank exchange has been offline for some time but we believe we have finally gotten the bugs worked out of it and it is now up and usable again!

This new code works a lot like the tank update pads. Rather than needing to click the sign to start the exchange you simply rez a tank you wish to exchange near the upgrade sign and it will check that the tank is one of the ones that is eligible for a cask exchange and that it has at least the needed amount of milk to perform the exchange. Once it has been verified that it is ready it will delete the old tank and deliver you the cask version. As before if your tank has more milk in it than the cost of the upgrade the remainder will be in your cask.

*Reminder to ALWAYS rez any tank you have just received so that it can set up with our server and show up on your stats! We can not provide support for tanks that are not on your stats!*

In order to upgrade to the the cask tank you must have a standard tank of the same size with at least the correct amount of milk in it. You will then be sent a cask in the size equal to the standard tank traded in for upgrading. 

The cost in milk to upgrade is the same as before however I will respost the data here:

  • 5L of milk for 10L tank
  • 8L of milk for 20L tank
  • 10L of milk for 50L tank
  • 20L of milk for 100L tank
  • 50L of milk for 250L tank
  • 100L of milk for 500L tank
  • 200L of milk for 1000L tank

We do not at current have the demo rezer out like we had before that allowed you to rez a demo of the cask tank to see it. This was lost/damaged in our region revamp and will require further recoding/rebuilding.

Please remember that it is only steel tanks of the volumes listed above that have a Cask version to exchange it for. Glass Bottles, Yokes, Milking Buckets, Cauldrons and other seasonal tanks can not be exchanged!


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