Buying Tanks From Other Users

We at :mused: at very excited about the second hand market for our tanks and other items.

However, we want all our users to be wary of no- authentic tanks.

Things you can do to be sure the tank you are buying is authentic.

  • Have the seller rez the tank on scripted enabled land.
  • Have them turn the float text on and add milk or semen to the tank to show it functions
  • Edit the tank and check the creator (it should be Tormented Littlebird)
  • Ask the seller to provide a link to their web stats and verify that a tank with that key is on it (the Key can be found in the description of the tank)
  • Ask to be added to the access list of the tank and play around with the menu to ensure that it is working.
  • Ask the seller to set the tank for sale via buy object. (Do not accept the tank via IM)
  • Rez the tank right away to be sure it adds to your stats and sets up with our server so that if there are any issues our support can address them for you.
The same basics apply to buying Pharmacy items or family tomes. Ask that they rez the item, check its for its scripts and its creator, have them set the item for sale and buy it.

If you have any questions or concerns or see someone selling faked tanks please put in a ticket to let our staff know so we can address it.

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